What is all this design work for

As I have not done any design work for the last two weeks I thought I’d post on what the point of all this design work.

The design shown is going to be produced in my home workshop, the main workshop is for production only. Production and one off design work do not mix, so firstly I am building a home workshop, I’ll post the design for the workshop soon. Then I will produce a wooden master to make molds from. This will be produced from the model using cut sections thought the model to produce bulkhead over which string will be added. The chassis will be laser cut and folded by a local fabrication shop. All the machined components will be machined in house but the machining could be outsourced.

The end result will be a complete driving car. All the stages of the design and build will be documented on this blog.

Idea for the Roadster Hood

Idea for the Roadster Hood and Roll bar

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What is all this design work for