Front Subframe Ideas


Decided that the front suspension and engine mountings should be on a sub frame. This will enable different engine and suspension systems to be made and offered. Starting with the ultimate system with the Coyote engine and self adjusting ride height independent front suspension. Started with a basic tube setup as shown. Quickly decide that I need to design the suspension system first. I have a nice software package to check the geometry of the suspension design.
This software is supplied by Performance Trends Inc, the suspension analyzer v2.4. Click here to visit site.

I really like this software it allows you a design your suspension in your cad roughly and transfer the basic suspension points, tire size etc to the Analyzer and then find the correct position for the steering rack and check the whole system for bump steer and camber change over suspension travel and steering angles. This is a nice useful piece of software and it comes with our recommendation.


Back to the designing the suspension now. Going to design the ride height adjust first, think about hydraulic ram adjustment…..

Made a video of making the steering rack mount click here (it’s on you tube)- shows what is involved in designing the bracket.


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Front Subframe Ideas