Finally a better looking site

Decided to look though some of the WordPress themes again before writing our own. It’s a lot of work so changed to the Three By Theme. I liked the general look of the theme. (more…)

Still working at WordPress

Over the week end I added fire bug to my fire-fox browser. This allows you to inspect any web page you are viewing and highlight the code and see what css code is acting on it. As a reminder webpage are write in html code and you can use css (cascading style sheet) called a the top of the html code to affect the colors fonts layout of the html web page……………………..the end result I found the classes (something that calls the css style to the html page) for the line height and the margin bottom of each paragraph and changed them as you can see in the posts.

Why bother……we are designers and the look of anything bothers us: web pages, hot rods, in fact anything we look at. Still not happy with the look of the blog so started working through the WordPress design your own theme tutorial  Click here to visit the webpage it you want to see the code.

Trying to sort out wordpress theme


Just a note to say I am trying to reformat the site to look more like my website. I have experience designing layouts for a html site using css (this is a system using a separate style sheet) but with a blog site you have use a database and php code. At the moment I am not fully understanding the format of a WordPress site.

It’s driving me nuts trying to reformat the theme I am using. I will sort this but I am editing it live so bear with me.

I like the basic set up of WordPress, you can blog with no understanding of code, but if you do have coding knowledge it is not as simple as it should be. Changing a simple thing such as line spacing with code line-height: value; I changed the code in the style.css  as I would in a html site, but it still defaults  to the original setting. Still have no Idea why. Think I’ll write my own theme.