Think about changing to a Carbon fiber frame

The Main Chassis Rails

The main chassis rails have now been redesigned to include holes to plug weld and bulkheads to increase the torsional stiffness. the bulkhead are designed to be welded to the sheet though the slots shown. Then the inner cover plate will be plug welded to the outer rail

chassis rail 1

This shows the bulkhead inside the chassis rail

chassis rail 2

Shows the slots cut into the outer rail for the bulkheads to be welded into. All the holes will be cut using a laser cutting machine before the plate is folded.

chassis rail 3

Show the slots for the bulkheads

chassis rail 4

Shows the plug welding holes to weld the inner cover plate to the outer rail.

  Thinking about changing the rear structure to Carbon Fiber to reduce the weight and make the structure easier to make as it is becoming too complex to fabricate. This would entail adding overlapping onto the chassis rails to allow bonding and riveting.

Will work on the chassis rear legs next as the ends of the rails may need to change. Planing to unfold the chassis rails and produce a 2d dxf file of the chassis rail parts. These files can be send to the laser cutters from which they can produce the parts.

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Think about changing to a Carbon fiber frame