2015 Roadster Design Progression

215 Roadster underside

The Large fabricated side Rails will make the chassis very stiff without an interior full of bars. Plus they offer excellent side impact protection

215 rear view

Rear view, the rear chassis area is only conceptual at the moment. It may be too complicated.

rendering of 210 Roadster

This is a rendering for the basic chassis design for the 215 Roadster, showing the basic folded sheet construction

Decided to start work on the chassis design for the roadster using the body design shown in an earlier post. The idea of the chassis is to be a very stiff and minimal design. The chassis is also designed so that the body can be made in panels and bonded / bolted to it. As a concept idea the side chassis rails will be staying and will be developed further and will be the basis for the chassis frame.If you would like a more detail info subscribe to the 2015 Roadster Newsletter

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2015 Roadster Design Progression