The interior….the seats

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates in the last months, we have been building as extension of our development workshop in Florida, adding an extra 800 sq feet for chassis building and it has taken all our spare time to get the new concrete floor in.

Taking a break as it is recommended that you allow 28 days for the concrete to cure and evaporate water contained in the concrete before sealing, so a little time to progress the roadster design.Interior-1

The seat design– the idea behind the seat design is to produce a fixed position seat and use a movable pedal box and steering column to allow for different driver height and size. To be able to made the seat look like an integral part of the car design, most of the seat will be molded carbon fiber cover in leather. In effect a hard surface to allow good fitting to the painted panels. Only the seat center will be padded again with a hard edge to give a good looking fit.

First using my digital man the driver is re scaled to 5′ 10″ the basic profile of the seat foam was developed by taking a section though the digital man using the edge of the section to the start point off the seat foam profile.

new seat frame to be carbon fibre

The cutout in the top of the seat is for a seat belt system mounting bracket to be bolted into which the roll bar goes though. See a future blog for this design.

new seat frame two part design

The seat frame is to be made in two halves. shown in purple and second part black. The back mold will have a returned flange to bond the front to it. The mold will have to be in two halves, the main part and the flange bolted together. In this way the main mold section can be use as a fixture jig while bonding the two half of the seat frame together. This will ensure that the seat is not twisted in the bonding operation.

Next going to be looking at designing a roll bar cover as the bent tubing looks too basic, along with the seat belt/ harness top mounting system.

View of interior

A basic rendering of the interior. Need to copy the driver side over to the passenger side. Only design one side and mirror it on the center line of the car. Next a full rendering using Maxwell Render to get a better idea of what the project look like…..

As the seat comfort is very important to the car being nice to sit in and drive some time soon we will need to build a mock up chassis. Then layout the seat design over it to confirm it is a good seating position. Some time you cannot avoid a full scale mock up to test. Any changes will be transfered back to the 3d model.

Article Name
Interior design
Part of the 3d Cad Hotrod Design Blog series-- Designing the Type214 Roadster......Looking to design a full form interior, as the interior style in a roadster is as important as the bodywork

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The interior….the seats