Steering Racks

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Thinking about the next problems Steering racks

These are nice quality components that are high adjustable

Shows the Woodward Steering Rack front mount style in position on the chassis, the brackets and tubing still need some work as the hydraulic ram are in the same place. These steering racks are nice quality components that are high adjustable

Building cars with modern wide tires has it’s drawbacks. The wider the tire’s section the more caster is needed to get the steering to self center. This is compounded if there is a large scrub radius. The end result of all this is heavy steering with little feel. Therefore manual steering is not very effective, thus power steering is required.
As most power steering racks have the power ram on the same shaft as the gear rack they have a large minimum length. For most any hot-rod design they are to long ( note the length between the tie rod knuckles is determined by the suspension design), with a narrow nosed Car like a 32 roadster the length will be in the order of 17″to 19″ inches dependent on the suspension design.
With the 32 speedster design the suspension is swept forward which has allowed the use of a front steering rack system therefore we can use a Woodward Steering rack…… Click here to see their catalog…….. . This company makes high quality parts, they are not cheap but you get what you pay for. The rack has several input pinions allowing you to select from slow to fast steering rates plus the power assist can be changed from slight assist to high assist. Look at their Website and catalogs for more info.

Woodward power rack




Manual version can be converted to power if required

These racks allow you to incorporate power steering into your design, and tune it to suit the project. Very much the right way to go.



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Steering Racks