Looking at design projects by others

espera-sbarro-eight-bridgestone-tiresThe students of ESPERA Sbarro Montbéliard built this: called the Sbarro Eight hot-rod concept.>click here and here for more info.

Sbarro is an auto school that teaches its students, the fine art of car design and car materials. Not sure that I’d want one, but it’s good to see something new and fresh built from the ground up start with a 3d model. It is a shame that only a school in France can inspire their student by allowing them to build something like this. It’s time for some of the American colleges to show their students talents as well as this…..

hotrod-concept_UVO5m_5965Another designer who’s work I have seen on the internet over the years is Tristan Hipps with a high quality t type hot-rod design click here for more pics. It would be nice to see one of the hot-rod builder take up one of this guys designs and build it

lastly a T-type design by ourselvesT type in black in my warehouse renderThe design is available it you would like a one off car…..

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Looking at design projects by others