Why design using a 3d Cad System

Engine gearbox layout

A basic start point of design… The engine, Ford Coyote the transmission (in this case a Hewland trans-axle using 2d line drawing as no model available with custom drive support and the tires

In the past our cars were built as most do now, start with an idea then start building a chassis. Now everything is designed using 3d cad. Here’s why

  • It Makes your designs build-able

You can start with a model of the engine you want to use and a model of a man therefore ensuring that both will fit in the car

      • You can reuse sub-components from previous designs
  • Some components can be directly machined from the model
  • Produce high quality rendering (pictures) from the model  to show the customer.
  • Time-line of the project is easy to keep too.
  • Everyone working on the project knows what is expected as they have renderings and the model to refer too.
  • Sub contractors can have accurate 2d drawings of the parts required complete with note directly from the model reducing errors and rework.
  • Bad Styling or Design shows up sooner in the project.
  • Less desire to change the designs as you build, help to get the project finished
  • Forces you to cost the parts of the project earlier so changes to suit the budget can be made at the start.

The only negative is you will need to learn how to use the software, this takes time but even for one project It’s worth it. Or you pay someone like us to do it for you.

The end result will be the car will look and work better for it.

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Why design using a 3d Cad System