Hotrods style cars and there future

Over the last 20 years the age of the average hot rod owner has been going up, early style hot rods are now almost all owned by guy’s in their sixties and over. The younger guy’s are now building later model muscle cars

The usual reason for this is this was the type of cars they grew up with and they are recreating their youth……may be true.

I don’t fit this description, never did, I like the style of early hot rods but not the way they drive. I’ve built many cars over the years and been to the all the shows.

It must be time for something new, I don’t want to see another fender less 32 hi boy. I want to see modern interpretations of a 32 hi boy. Similar to the new Camero, Fiat 500 in their conception.

This is not so easy to build and needs to be completely designed in a Cad system first (rhino cad is not that expensive around $1,000). If you cannot use these software’s learn or use the service of guy’s like me, there are plenty of us around. Obviously a complete set of molds need to be made, this is less expensive than you might think to do. The internet is full of helpful videos. I have done it and will be doing so again.

I will post over time details about how to approach these type of projects.

Love to hear from anyone taking the same approach. May be we can move hot rodding forward………..




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Hotrods style cars and there future